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#30801 - 07/09/00 04:24 PM Re: Paper or plastic?
Gráinne ni Mhaille

Registered: 06/02/00
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Loc: London, Ontario, Canada

Although I prefer paper reference books, I use mostly online ones. Cost is a big factor, especially with encyclopedias - I simply can't afford an entire set. Also, good dictionaries, thesauruses, etc. aren't cheap, and I spend enough money as it is on my textboooks for university.

One of my roomates was forced to buy a couple of good reference books - they were required texts for her courses. I almost wish this would happen to me, because then I would have them.

#30802 - 09/06/02 12:27 PM Re: Paper or plastic?
Ria Moderator
Ching Shih

Registered: 11/01/01
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Loc: Massachusetts, USA

While I love paper reference books as much as anyone, I am addicted to the sheer speed of using electronic references/dictionaries/what-have-you.

Surprisingly (or maybe not, since not everyone does research for pay), no one has commented about how CD-ROMs and the internet facilitate her (or his) job. When I translate, I get paid so many cents per word--whether a word takes 2 seconds or 2 days to find. Electronic dictionaries and the internet, when used efficently, can greatly reduce the time it takes to find specialized or obscure vocabulary.

What about those of you who do freelance writing? I assume you also get paid by the word. Do you feel that quicker access to dictionaries and other writing resources helps you spend less time looking and more time actually producing content?

#30803 - 09/29/02 06:34 PM Re: Paper or plastic?
Ching Shih

Registered: 11/18/00
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Loc: SK, Canada

I prefer paper reference books, but due to cost and space constraints I use mostly online sources. I have a fairly up to date dictionary and atlas, and I'm going to ask for a thesaurus for Christmas, but for the amount I use encyclopedias it's easier not to get them. I have access at school, and my library provides free online access to the Encyclopaedia Brittanica for patrons.
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