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#87591 - 03/13/09 11:53 AM Re: Going to San Francisco [Re: rockfox]
Ching Shih

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Bumping up a very old thread to ask about things to do and see in San Francisco.

I've made notes about the things already mentioned in this thread, but the last post was over 5 years ago, I'm sure some things have changed.

Any new things (or now non-existant things) to tell us about?

#87600 - 03/16/09 01:47 PM Re: Going to San Francisco [Re: StephA]
Ching Shih

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OK, I'm kicking myself for not even realizing we had this thread. I just got back from San Francisco this morning, and I'm wishing I'd had some of the ideas from this thread. I can't speak to the specific restaurant suggestions on the previous page, but otherwise I'd second everything people have said here. We did spend considerable time at the Wharf, but we were in SF for a conference, which seriously limited the time we had for large-scale exploration (like Golden Gate Park or Muir Woods or even the SFMOMA).

I loved City Lights, and could have spent an entire afternoon or evening just wandering around the stacks in the basement. We had excellent fresh pasta at Cafe Pinocchio in North Beach, and though I can't swear it's the best option there, it was pretty dang good. We had a wonderful time walking through Chinatown. I wish we had had a little more time to explore that area. Kivrin told me yesterday that there's a park on top of one of the buildings that is frequented mostly by residents rather than tourists -- you might want to ask her exactly where that is, because it sounded awesome. I can't think of anything else specific right now, but if I remember anything else, I'll pop back in.

#87604 - 03/16/09 05:57 PM Re: Going to San Francisco [Re: LaSalleUGirl]
Ching Shih

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It's on top of a parking garage, and it's called Portsmouth Square. LSUG, I'm afraid I didn't explain it very clearly. I love walking through there because it's filled with the residents of Chinatown, animated old men and women playing Chinese chess games, children having fun on the play structures, etc...but it also has a strong historical significance-and lots of plaques to explain it all.

The SF Museum of Modern Art is definitely one amazing art museum, and another good art place to visit would be the de Young Museum in Golden Gate Park.

#87744 - 04/25/09 02:32 AM Re: Going to San Francisco [Re: Kivrin]
Lady Agnew
Ching Shih

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The new Academy of Sciences has opened up in the park -- I went on a free day because it's kinda pricey ($25), but the aquarium is awesome. They have an albino alligator! And a rooftop garden that is environmentally whiz-bang! It's in the middle of Golden Gate Park, facing the new De Young museum, and the day I went, it was beautifully sunny and there was a mini-outdoor concert as well as a sidewalk showing by various artists in the plaza.

I'll second the recommendation for the City Guide -- I've taken two tours, and they were worth it. Free, fun and informative. Gives you a good sense of the city.

My favorite shopping/browsing districts have got to be the Mission (along 16th street, and then down along Valencia -- must stop by Tartine Bakery for their bread pudding); Haight (former hippie town, now it's full of funky, avant-garde shops, vintage stores and fashion boutiques) and Clement (dim sum, dim sum, dim sum, and not as crazy as Chinatown, not that Chinatown is not awesome). There are a lot of great neighborhoods in the city, that even I -- born and bred -- haven't really explored. Take some of the City Guide tours and you'll end up somewhere interesting.

ETA: omg, the bestest ice cream in the city has got to be Bi-Rite, yum yum.... their brown butter pecan makes me see God.

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