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#52441 - 06/20/06 08:53 PM Re: Best comic books
Ching Shih

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Majael, I have just spent the last two hours back-tracking links from the sites you mentioned, and I haven't got more than one entry back from the most recent in either one.

Thanks much for the links. I'm not sure I have anything to offer back, unless Girl Genius counts as a valid women in comics link.

#52442 - 06/20/06 10:38 PM Re: Best comic books
Ching Shih

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I don't see why it wouldn't. I'm a Foglio fan already, though. Ever read the novel Phil Foglio cowrote with Nick Pollotta - Illegal Aliens? Funny stuff.
#52443 - 06/23/06 03:39 PM Re: Best comic books
Gráinne ni Mhaille

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Originally posted by Joy:
An important tip for anyone getting into the Asterix world: originally, Asterix was written by Goscinny, and drawn by Uderzo. Then Uderzo died, and Goscinny started writing and drawing them, with a significant decline in quality.

So make sure whatever you buy doesn't just say "Goscinny and Uderzo's Asterix", but makes clear that the text is by Goscinny.
This was reaaally long ago but I want to add a small correction: It was René Goscinny who died. He was the guy who wrote most of the funny text. Uderzo did the brilliant drawings but his sense of humour is that of a dirty old man, and the newer Asterix issues are perfectly drawn but badly written. Not funny anymore at all.

But if any of you can get the early copies, I recommend them highly.

#52444 - 07/04/06 12:08 AM Re: Best comic books
Gráinne ni Mhaille

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Greetings, I'm new and I would like to add in addition to Elf Quest:

Kodocha by Miho Obana

Ranma 1/2

and Club 9.

Manga has a plethora of chick lit titles. I love 'em-love 'em-love 'em!
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#91940 - 04/04/13 03:38 PM Re: Best comic books [Re: SoleilSmile]
Ching Shih

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How have I never realized that this thread existed?! As if I didn't have enough to read already....

(mini-mart inspired me to go looking through old threads....)

I'm taking a MOOC on comic books and gender (more on that in another thread), so I'm reading Strangers in Paradise and Rachel Rising this week. I think this thread might help me flesh out my comics TBR list for "further reading" when this MOOC is over.

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