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#53872 - 09/20/02 12:40 PM Re: Just generally great websites
deborah Administrator
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Ching Shih

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Thank you for that one, goovie. I've sent that site to a friend of mine who's the king of compilations.
#53873 - 10/11/02 09:22 PM Re: Just generally great websites
Ching Shih

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I found this by accident, it was in the url history of a computer at school. Oh California. in passing
Sort of a journal-once-removed in a way.
I also recommend:
For graphic novels, vintage illustrations, etc: bud plant
you might also like:
highwater books
For stargazing: night skywatching
anagram cheats (ashram cant age)
Lurid Paperback of the Week
the institute of official cheer
(I enjoy but have no ties to any of these)
scary google search of the day: tissue box cover collect

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#53874 - 04/07/03 09:56 PM Re: Just generally great websites
Ching Shih

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Offline (links to everything) (shopping) (intro to 5 different sites where you can "contribute" food/money every day by clicking)

#53875 - 04/08/03 06:38 AM Re: Just generally great websites
Ching Shih

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Originally posted by rustee: (intro to 5 different sites where you can "contribute" food/money every day by clicking)
Yes, this is a great site. You can contribute cups of food, save rainforest etc. for free. Also, if you shop online through links from their site, a percentage of what you spend goes toward the causes. I have it bookmarked and at work I start my morning with clicking donations. Makes a very positive start to the day.

#53876 - 04/08/03 05:47 PM Re: Just generally great websites
Ching Shih

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Besides TWoP, sites I visit everyday include:

The Movie Quote Contest Page for movie fanatics,
The Leaky Cauldron for all things Harry Potter.

Also, useful for writers, that contains contact info for all sorts of people who are willing to talk to the media.

#53877 - 04/13/03 04:52 AM Re: Just generally great websites
Ching Shih

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What nifty links everyone has been posting! A couple others I check on a regular basis are The Daily Tao and Sars' Tomato Nation .
#53878 - 04/21/03 08:15 AM Re: Just generally great websites
Ching Shih

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The BEST site ever. Hop on if you're bored, and you'll find a HUGE list of interesting, funny, and just plain weird links to browse.

#53879 - 05/08/03 10:59 PM Re: Just generally great websites
Ching Shih

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I don't think I've mentioned this here, but this is one of my new favorite sites: Toothpaste for Dinner .
#53880 - 05/11/03 10:10 AM Re: Just generally great websites
Ching Shih

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Oh my god, that's the best thing I've ever seen.

"I have affixed two pencils to my head with tape so all who get lost in the cubicle maze will meet a grizzly death from OFFICE MINOTAUR!!!"

Excuse me while I go look for some pencils and tape and do just that.

#53881 - 05/20/03 03:13 PM Re: Just generally great websites
Ching Shih

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Since I am now officially addicted to Chicklit, what other good forums out there do you people read? The only one I check out sometimes is The Usual Suspects but I know there are others out there. I'd love to participate in a political or issue-oriented forum, and the concept of on-line forums as a whole is rather intriguing and so I'd like to do some sampling. My pseudo-librarian self wishes there was a master index for such sites, but likely there is not. Recommendations?
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