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#91946 - 04/09/13 09:09 AM Re: Black Coffee in Bed or Tea and Sympathy? The [Re: mini-mart]
Ching Shih

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Loc: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Mmmmm, mini-mart, I also enjoy David's Tea tea. I've tried and liked Stormy Night, but I haven't had the others you mention.

Love Tea #7 (black tea, chocolate, strawberries, rose petals) is my current favourite for caffeine.

And Strawberry Rhubarb Parfait is my favourite herbal.

#91948 - 04/13/13 09:29 AM Re: Black Coffee in Bed or Tea and Sympathy? The [Re: mini-mart]
Ching Shih

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I hav tried to give up coffee several times and have sometimes managed it for several months at a stretch, but eventually I give in and return to it. I find coffee both comforting and uplifting in the morning, and nothing else seems to work quite as well. I put cream and sugar in it which doesn't help in terms of healhfulness, but I've decided I can live with a little cream and sugar in the morning. I only drink one cup per day anyway.

Having said all that, those teas sound amazing. I'm going to check them out right now.

#91950 - 04/15/13 01:51 AM Re: Black Coffee in Bed or Tea and Sympathy? The [Re: GingerCat]
Happy Birthday CaitlinM2

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I like coffee a great deal, but never have it at home these days, only when I'm out. I should haul out my Toddy set-up sometime and make cold-brewed concentrate again, as it keeps well in the fridge. I always had it cold, diluted with milk instead of water, thereby giving me the nutrition of a glass of milk but the full strength of coffee.

Nowadays, I drink lots of tea at home, mostly black and made with loose leaves. My regular teas are from Peet's. They have annual special-issue blends called Holiday and Anniversary Breakfast Blend that I like in the morning, or I like another blend of similar weight called Pride of the Port. I'm not big on a lot of flavored teas, but I stock up on another Peet's annual release called Winter Solstice, which is a light black tea with a subtle orange and spice flavor. I also like some teas from Mariage Freres, which I'm glad to be able to find locally, but since they are quite expensive I don't make them everyday choices.

#91952 - 04/19/13 04:50 PM Re: Black Coffee in Bed or Tea and Sympathy? The [Re: CaitlinM2]
Ching Shih

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Hi StephA. I tried the Strawberry Rhubarb Parfait you mentionned and I think I've a got a new favorite!
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