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#63418 - 07/17/01 05:04 PM Stupid injuries
Ching Shih

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Loc: Scotland

I'd like to think I'm not the world's biggest klutz, but after today I need some reassurance.

This morning I was woken by the postman yelling for me to sign for something. I went to the window to tell him I'd be right down, and in the process I knocked one of my cacti off the window-ledge. It fell on my foot. It has venomous spines. Several stuck in my big toe. Now I can't walk.

As a further example of my accident-prone-ness I'd like to mention the fact that when I was 17, I dislocated my knee opening the fridge. Yup. I really did.

Please make me feel better. Someone, anyone, please tell me you've injured yourelf in a more stupid fashion.

#63419 - 07/17/01 05:32 PM Re: Stupid injuries
Ching Shih

Registered: 05/11/01
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Loc: Morgan Hill, CA, USA

Because you asked, and because I have no shame, I'll share. I dislocated my knee cap standing up. That's right, I was sitting "indian style" with my legs crossed, stood up, and whammy! Oh yeah, then I did it again the next day.

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#63420 - 07/17/01 05:39 PM Re: Stupid injuries
Gráinne ni Mhaille

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Loc: Chicago, IL, USA


I once fell down an entire flight of stairs (headfirst and kind of summersaulting my way along) carrying a vacuum cleaner, which I clung to the whole way down. I managed not to break any bones, but I did sustain a number of bruises from the vacuum bumping against me.

I've also fallen backwards over a hand truck, at work, wearing a skirt, and landed on my back with my legs up in the air over the hand truck. I'm not sure exactly how I landed that way, but I was just thankful that only female coworkers were present.

I was so clumsy as a child that my pediatrician sent me for a series of tests including an EEG (or whatever it is that scans your brainwaves or whatever - not really sure) to rule out a possible brain tumor or other health problem. In the end, the team of doctors who saw me told my parents that there was nothing wrong with me - just that I was a massive klutz.

I probably shouldn't admit to all this...

#63421 - 07/17/01 05:43 PM Re: Stupid injuries
Ching Shih

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I've stayed relatively injury-free over my life -- sure, I walk into doors and trip over chairs all the time, just not very fast, I guess.

However, when I was six I dislocated my elbow. How? My little brother managed to knock me off of the sofa. Not exactly stupid on my part, but pretty embarrassing -- I mean, he was three! Come on!

#63422 - 07/18/01 04:32 AM Re: Stupid injuries
Ching Shih

Registered: 07/11/01
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Loc: Worcester, UK

I'm always falling over absolutely nothing at all - and I can't even blame my big feet, I'm a size three. I also regularly walk into lamposts and old ladies and under buses cos I'm not paying attention.
#63423 - 07/18/01 05:14 AM Re: Stupid injuries
Ching Shih

Registered: 08/28/00
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Loc: Dublin, Ireland

I suffered an even stupider injury - I managed to hit myself in the eye with a boomerang. Indoors. At work.

I was working in a fine educational toystore in Harvard Square, Cambridge (Learningsmith, for those who know the area - alas, it's no longer there). Every few days my daily assignment would be to basically play with a certain toy - one day I spent the entire working day hanging out in the store's open shopfront, playing with a remote controlled dog on wheels. It was a dream job, I'm telling you. Anyway, one day I had to play with an indoor boomerang called, oh so wittily, a roomerang. I was demonstrating its powers to a customer and it came back and hit me in the eye, misaligning a contact lens and necessitating a trip to the Mass. Eye and Ear Infirmary (the opticians across the road where I went to get some saline said that every eye injury should get checked out properly).

I was fine, of course, but the Infirmary charged me an (to a European used to good ole socialised medicine) insane amount of money for looking at it for two seconds. So I had loads of problems with my insurance and I cannot say how many times I had to explain the nature of my eye injury and how amusing all the insurance people found it. Can't blame them though.

#63424 - 07/18/01 07:40 AM Re: Stupid injuries
Ching Shih

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Loc: Minneapolis, MN

I am well-known for my klutziness. I haven't moved the furniture in my apartment for over 3 years, but I pretty much always have a bruise somewhere from banging into a chair or table.

Last fall, I was shaving in the shower, and managed to knock the can of shaving cream right onto my little toenail. Much yelping ensued, along with immediate bleeding and bruising of the nail. Those words I learned during 17 years in the military? Used them all. (Uncharacteristically, however, I managed to keep my balance.)

After getting out of the shower, I found a band-aid under the sink and got myself fixed up. After putting the band-aid box back under the sink, I closed the cabinet door on my thumbnail. Hard.


#63425 - 07/18/01 11:59 AM Re: Stupid injuries
Ching Shih

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Loc: London

I once went down some six-foot-high (maybe 20-foot-long) rapids. Without a boat. Or an inner-tube. Or anything, other than a swimsuit, and a surprised expression.

I remember looking up at the people sunbathing on the rocks, thinking "why aren't you pulling me out?". It felt like I was going by very very slowly, when I was whizzing right by.

And I didn't injure myself at all.

But I did turn out to have a broken finger, from slamming a door a few days earlier.

#63426 - 07/18/01 02:00 PM Re: Stupid injuries
Ching Shih

Registered: 10/13/00
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Loc: Minneapolis, MN

Ah, yes. Humiliating injuries.

While emerging from a car in a rather camped sort of area, I managed to bang my head against the roof of the car port we'd parked under. Since your natural instinct when you bounce off something painful above you is to duck down and curl, I managed to recoil right off the car door. Which led to twisting off into the post that was right next to me. Which sent me crashing smack into my friend who was attempting to extricate themselves from the damn car. I managed to knock them halfway back into the car and slam the door on their foot. Of course, they had to kick the car door nice and hard, and since I was now sprawled out on the ground it cracked me in the face.

I was a human Three Stooges flick, yo.

But this is the only time anything like this has ever happened to me! I swear!

#63427 - 07/18/01 02:27 PM Re: Stupid injuries
Ching Shih

Registered: 06/25/01
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Loc: Philadelphia, PA, USA

I fell off a bus. Seriously. When I was a senior in high school, I was disembarking from the school bus. For some inexplicable reason, my knee buckled. The momentum from my fifty-pound school bag knocked me to the ground and made me sprain my ankle. So, here I am, sprawled on the ground in my uniform skirt, screaming. It wasn't pretty. To add insult to injury, the nurse retrieved a wheelchair and wheeled me through the hallway in front of all of my friends, who stood and gaped. I am not yet over the psychic trauma
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