Thanks! I'm glad you found me! Yes, the construction has tolled heavily on Armada business. Council has assured us that the construction is on schedule and will be over by August 9, and I hope they're right. It's hard to stay positive when you have customer-free days, but we'll endeavor to limp along until this is over.

Our biggest worry is whether or not people will be able to get to us by July 15 for the Harry Potter Midnight Hoopla. Our main artery into town is closed off, and the detour makes a wide path around the town. If you believe the signs, Armada is closed. That's why I don't believe signs.

The dust is also a big pain. On dry, sunny days it looks like 1930s Oklahoma dustbowl out there. The grocery store in town has signs up that they're keeping inventory low because of the dust.

The most disappointing thing about the construction is that we've had to put a lot of our plans on hold. We want to make things bigger and better, with upgrades to inventory and decor, but we're in a holding pattern until the customers come back.

We have a website, but it doesn't have our books on it yet. That's something Mr. Skwirl is working on. It's It does have a nice map though. More things will be up and coming.

I guess I should get going and open up the store.