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#68013 - 05/14/05 05:48 PM Re: trivia questions?
Gráinne ni Mhaille

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My sister says "Great! Thank you! Keep them coming!"
#68014 - 05/17/05 06:05 AM Re: trivia questions?
Ching Shih

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You could try themed questions, like the Bookwise quiz in the Sunday Times does. Every week they give seven plot excerpts or character descriptions all of which have something in common and you award yourself points for knowing the character, book and author.

(This is in the London Times, by the way, although the paper doesn't call itself that.)

Your sister might actually be able to just nab the Bookwise quiz wholesale each week. It's available for free online, so I can't imagine it would be a problem as long as it was properly attributed.

The most recent themes have been inns , characters named Albert (I got six out of seven that week. Go me!) and dances .

Alternatively, she could try Twisted Plots questions. There's a newspaper which once included in the TV listings a movie it described thus: "A young girl travels to a strange land, kills the first person she meets and then plots with others to kill again!" The movie in question was The Wizard of Oz.

I've seen the format used for movie puzzles before, but not books. I had a go at doing some myself...

An obsessive, anti-social drug addict's encounters with murderers and thieves are recorded by his roommate.

A girl makes her way across a foreign kingdom by boat, train and on foot in an attempt to seize the crown.

A wayward child is punished for her disobedience to the point where she is unable to walk. While confined to her bed, she impersonates saints and believes that God speaks to her.

After being accidentally drugged at the order of the king, somebody is forced to marry their stalker.

#68015 - 06/09/05 11:20 PM Re: trivia questions?
Ching Shih

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Here's one of my favourites:

Q: What do the following people have uniquely in common?

Ted Williams (American athlete)
Humphrey Bogart (American actor)
Baruch Spinoza (European philosopher)
Rudyard Kipling (British author)
Piet Mondrian (Dutch artist)

A: They've all been named in the titles of books in Lawrence Block's The Burglar Who... series.

#68016 - 06/23/05 05:26 AM Re: trivia questions?
Ching Shih

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This is a fun game. If you put book titles through online translators (for example Babel Fish Translation ) then sometimes it can be quite difficult to figure out what they were originally.
For example, I translated these two titles from English to German to French to Italian to English:

The dispositive head of junction of hiker to the galaxy

You press of the dragged and the cup of the flames

(They are The Hitchikers' Guide to the Galaxy and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire)

A selection of these would make a great quiz.

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